FrontRow Teacher Edition Software

The easiest lesson capture software ever 

Frontrow Software helps schools manage their classroom and campus-wide communication as well as the various audio and visual devices that comprise their systems.

When designing Teacher Edition, our number one priority was to make sure it was easy to use, for anyone. No complicated editing, no endless buttons and options that don’t get used. Just capture and share lessons for students to review later, or "flip" your whole classroom!

Two versions

Teacher Edition Lesson Capture

Record voice and screen with Lesson Capture software for Mac & Windows. Works with Juno, Pro Digital, and ezRoom systems.

Note: Teacher Edition requires valid license keys.

Teacher Edition Control

Control projectors and displays via FrontRow network devices from Mac or Windows. Requires Teacher Edition Lesson Capture.

Note: Teacher Edition requires valid license keys. Apple Silicon (M1 Chip) computers and MacOS Monterrey are not supported at this time for FrontRow MacOS apps.

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