Campus Communications

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Campus Communications

Whether it’s establishing a schedule for routine commands or preparing for disruptions -- from late start days to true emergencies -- FrontRow offers solutions to empower you to communicate clearly and to keep the situation under control.

Are Your Campus Communications Stuck in the Past?

In a typical district, classroom AV, PA, security systems, and networks have no relationship to one another. Classrooms often have two unrelated sets of amplifiers and speakers — one for paging, and one for multimedia and voice. The result is hundreds of meters of redundant wiring in the walls, and copious hours spent on duplicate installation. Systems don’t talk to each other. And management responsibility is often split between IT, facilities, and instructional technology.

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Introducing Conductor

Conductor™ is a robust IP-based control and communications solution that covers your entire school. Whether it’s establishing a schedule for routine commands and announcements or preparing for disruptions from late start days to true emergencies, Conductor gives you more power to keep the situation under control and communicate clearly.

Look at how Conductor can help your campus communication:

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Integrate and simplify your communications

Conductor makes you more efficient by using existing wiring in your networks. It communicates through the speakers and amps already in your ezRoom AV systems. And it integrates with IP phone systems and door relays — so bad and expensive redundancy goes away.

It is available preinstalled on a dedicated server or can be deployed on a virtual server. IT staff can easily master its open architecture, so you’re not signing up for an endless stream of outside technicians and consulting bills. No other district communication tool offers Conductor’s impressive operational and financial benefits.

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